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​First-Class Cyber-Security Solutions For Individuals


The Cyber Security Risks

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We Understand You

We know you have limited time, expertise, or availability for your cyber-security.
Yet, you know you need protection.
OSTREON is a premium tailored service -

we will build the best security solution for your needs, expectations, and usages, and we will configure it for you.

Your protection is our reputation.


01. Securing Your Devices and Assets

Makes it practically impossible to hack

02. Prevent the Future Attacks

With the right tools, skills, and best practices -  potential threats will be mitigated before they started

03. Reduce Potential Damage

Making sure that no matter what happen to your devices, you data and digital assets will be always secured

Our Services


We, as Cyber-Security experts and risk assessment specialists, will analyze the risks your assets are exposed to, and will create the best cyber security enterprise-grade solution that is tailored especially for you


We will put in place processes and cyber security awareness that will help you to develop the right mindset and tools to implement the best practices and avoid unnecessary and unintentionally risks


With the right technology and toolsets, we will secure your devices, prevent future attacks, and reduce potential damages to always keep your devices, assets and data safe

How it Works


Do You Need
Cyber-Security Services?

"I'm not interesting for hackers"

It's not about you, it's about your assets. Most of the attacks against individuals have financial motivation. These attacks are automated and not targeted - these malicious tools just scan and attack every connected device; from your smartphone and laptop, to your smart TV, WiFi printer, smart home device, or smartwatch.

These attacks are stealing sensitive information, your access credentials, Crypto wallet, 2-factor-authentication codes, credit cards, collecting sensitive and personal data, or encrypting your data for ransom or blackmailing. 

Do you get any of these? Now attackers are interested in you.

"I have no digital assets to protect"

In today's world, everything is digital. Your bank account is accessible from the internet, your life insurance, investment account, credit cards, digital wallets, or even identified documents, real estate documents, and other physical-world ownership approvals.

Some consider their pictures, intellectual property (music, movies, books, articles...), calendars, notes, or other important documents as their assets.

Assets are not always considered to be financial assets, but also emotional, or files and documents that will take very long to replicate, if possible at all.

"I never open suspicious emails or files"

It's a good start, but not enough. Your devices are sometimes vulnerable to attackers just by running a vulnerable application, operation system, having a printer, or connecting to a public WiFi (Airport, hotel, restaurant, friend's place).

Locking your front door won't avoid attackers to get in from the backdoor. Actually, they prefer the backdoors.

Moreover, Cyber-security is more than having best practices and protecting from attackers, but also mechanisms that avoid you from risking your assets by mistakes, incidents, tragedy, physical damage/loss, or just forgetting your impossible-to-recover password (like your Crypto wallet or password manager).




“When I lost my father, I realized that he's not the only thing that we lost as a family. We also lost access to some of our family life savings, pictures, and documents that are impossible to replicate.

There was no proper inheritance mechanisem back then. That's why I came up with OSTREON.

I know what losing your data means, I know what the lack of inheritance mechanism can cause to a family, and I don't want anyone else to experience it because of a Cyber-Security attack, bad habits, damaged device, stolen device, or any other risk”

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